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  • It is estimated that poor essential skills costs UK industry more than 
£4.8 billion a year and the Welsh economy £588 million a year, with an estimated 47% of all working adults having an essential skills need.
  • Do you think before you speak? Improve your communication skills with a tailored package of fully funded on the job training
  • Struggle with IT? Improve your IT Skills with a tailored package of fully funded on the job training
  • Nightmare with numbers? Improve your numeracy skills with a tailored package of fully funded on the job training
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We provide specialist government funded training to help improve the essential skills of literacy, numeracy, language and IT to people throughout Wales.

What we do

To begin with an Essential Skills in the Workplace Development Manager will meet with you and your employer to carry out an initial skills assessment.

Once we identify your needs you will be allocated your own dedicated Essential Skills Coach who will visit you in your workplace once a month to develop your skills on the job, ensuring the training is based on the precise skills you need to develop in your job role.

Develop your ICT Skills

IT (also known as ICT – Information and Communication Technology) focuses on developing and recognising a learner’s ability to select and apply ICT skills in a way that are appropriate to their particular job role.

Specific areas that will be covered include:

  • Using correct procedures to start and shut down ICT systems
  • Selecting software applications to achieve a specific purpose, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Using the internet safely
  • Opening, using and closing software applications
  • Using input and output devices and communication services such as email
  • Adjusting personal settings according to your needs
  • Working with files and folders to store and retrieve information
  • Understanding the importance of and making back-up copies of your work
  • Handing and using portable storage media safely and correctly
  • Using the ‘help’ facility
  • Recognising errors and when to ask for help to resolve them
  • Following health and safety recommended working practices
  • Data security and protection
  • Internet and network security
  • Saving information in named files and folders, on hard disks and on portable storage media

Qualifications achieved

Learners will achieve an accredited Essential Skills in the Workplace City & Guilds qualification up to Level 2 in Information, Communication and Technology.


Approximately 6 hours of training and development depending on the individual and business needs.


Information for Learners and Employers

Would you like to find out more about our approach to Equality and Diversity, ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development
and Global Citizenship), Welsh Language or about becoming more involved in how we can meet your needs.
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